Drupal Camp Spain 2012

The last weekend I attended the third Drupal Camp Spain in Madrid and my second Drupal Camp. Every time I attend an event of this kind, I like more and more the spirit after the open source community. Open Source is not only about sharing the source, is about a philosophy. We not only share the code, we also share our knowledge. In this kind of events, the speakers usually go without getting paid, they do it because they want to share something. And I think this is a remarkable attitude.

In this last Drupal Camp, I didn't had the change to see a lot of sessions, but I have the feeling that the sessions had a really high level. This is a quick review of the sessions I attended:

Design principles for not designers: I, as a developer, have the feeling that I can't put two colors together to make something minimally pretty. You only have to see this blog. Nachenko gave a really good session, not oriented to Drupal but something you can apply everywhere. I didn't had the change to be all the time on the session, but what I saw was really promising. Here you can find the slides.

Cloud Driven Development, by pvhee was another great session about how to work with all the cloud tools we have around Drupal. Acquia dev cloud, Pantheon... are tools that all of us should at least try once. Here are the slides.

Content moderation with workbench was the only site-building session I attended, presented by e0ipso. I was curious about what we can achieve with only one tool and I was surprised about how powerful it is. Here are the slides.

The next session was my session, writing maintainable code, about the importance about taking care of the code we produce. I'm not going to say how awesome it was, but here are the slides, so you can see it by yourself.

I started the Sunday with a session about Continuous integration with Drupal, an interesting session by rafinskipg. Even if was a really introductory session, was quite good and I hope the people decided to investigate by themselves later. Here are the slides.

I spend the rest of the day on a BDD/TDD with Symfony workshop, so no more reviews. But, the best part of the Drupal Camp was meeting with all the drupalistas from all Spain and around the world. I'm sure that I will be in the next Drupal Camp and I hope that everybody who is reading this and wants to grow as a Drupal professional will attend the next event near his place.

So, see you there!