DrupalDevDays 2013: Dublin

The days 28, 29 and 30 of June, Dublin hosted the DrupalDevDays. I've been working with Drupal at full time during almost the last four years, but only the last two I was also getting involved with the comunity. Even if I've been in other two international drupal events (DrupalDevDays 2012 and Drupal CxO 2013), this was my first one that was actually out of Spain.

The event itself it was really well organized, with a great team who resolved our problems quite quickly. The parties after each day were a really great idea that worked well on Barcelona and even better in Dublin and I'm sure that they will become a tradition in the future events.

My main motivation for going to the event, wasn't the event itself, but the code sprint that was done during the all the week before. It was my first time trying to contribute to the Drupal 8 core and the my first time working with D8 too, so it was a really big challenge for me.

During the first days I was completly lost, just doing some really little issues, but after talking with some of the members of this wonderful comunity, I found my way to some more challenging issues that kept me busy during the rest of the week.

But after a week full of code, hitting my head against the wall more than once and some really slow progress, I can say that I'm really happy with the results. Has been an impressive week, where I learned a lot and worked with some real Drupal Rockstars.

The sessions were also really good, but the one that I enjoyed the most was a talk that wasn't really about development or code itself, but about the history of a module that has been part of Drupal since the first version: Evolving concepts - Blocks from Drupal 1 to Drupal 8.

My conclusion is that DevDays are going to continue existing in the future years and growing every year. Contributing is adictive and I will try to keep the hard work to make Drupal 8 the and the future realeases as good as possible. It was also nice to see how the spanish comunity is growing and becoming more international.

So, from here, thanks to all the organizers, sponsors and the comunity. I'm sure that I will do my best to be on the next DrupalDevDays and in more international events as the future DrupalCon in Prague!