A new project

I'm always trying to learn something new and to keep my knowlements as updated as possible. In my little spare time, I use to start little projects that I use to learn or try something new. A couple years ago, I started a project with my friend Edu and we did a website to learn about the web framework Code Igniter. The site is still online: Remaildme and I had a lot of fun writting it.

What I've learned that day, apart from Code Igniter, is that trying something is the best way to learn.

A few weeks ago a friend told me about and idea he had. I liked the idea and decided to help him and I've spend a lot of time thinking about how can I take this opportunity to learn and improve my skills.

My first decission, was to choose a language. I'm tired of PHP, so I decided to use a different language. I chose Python, because I briefly used it when I studied and really enjoyed it. Maybe there are better languages for this kind of project, but my objective is to learn.

The next step was to choose what methodology I wanted to use. I decided to try BDD. Lately I've been involved with the agile community and it was a great chance to try their advices. So, I needed a testing framework. Why not Lettuce? I've reviewed a lot of different frameworks and Lettuce has the syntax that I liked the most, even if it's not perfect.

Finally, I chose CherryPy, as HTTP Framework, because only gives me the minimun to start with, letting me try to do the rest by myself or choosing what else should I use, for example as template engine or ORM.

Maybe in the future I will change my mind and change any of the libraries I'm using. If we don't try and fail, we can't find the way to move forward.