Transcript: "Why Drupal" Lightning talk

This post is just a translation of the transcript of the lightning talk I've done during DrupalCamp Spain 2017 in Madrid. The title of the talk was "Why Drupal" and talked about my personal reasons to use develop with Drupal. You can find the slides, with the transcript in spanish here.

Why Drupal

Why Drupal?

We all agree that Drupal is a great tool. In our daily jobs we use Drupal because we think it give us an advantage over our competitors, because it suits the needs of the client, because speeds our developments and/or because we produce a high quality product.

But, as programmers, why do we choose to work on a company that uses Drupal?

I do not why you choose to use Drupal, but as this is my session, I will tell you why I do.

But before jumping into conclussions, let's start from the beginning.

About me

I am David Hernández and for me, it is a priviledge to be here, sharing this lightning talk with all of you.


And I mean it.

I work for a company that allowed me to come today to this conference instead of spending it working. And they pay me well enough to be able to afford spending 3 days in Madrid without trouble.

I born in a family that allowed me to finish my studish and allowed me to live abroad to continue my training.

I live in a country that has one of the best passports in the world for travelling and most of the borders are open for me with no trouble.

The colour of my skin makes that in most places, everybody is helpful and mindful. A colour that does not make me a suspect by default.

My sexual genre doesn't cause the people to question why I have not settled yet and why I do not have a family and kids. This genre always helped me to find good jobs and better conditions than the fifty percent of the population of my country, under the same conditions.

The problem of priviledge

And this continues forever. And it is a problem. But does it have a solution?

In my option, there is a really simple solution.

The end of priviledge

To end with the priviledges. But, as this is extremly complicated, we need to continue moving in that direction by litle steps.

Do I have more priviledges than other person? Then, I have to use those priviledges to help that person and to help the rest of the people who also lacks this priviledge.

Is there people abusing of their priviledge? Then, I have to confront them, even if their abuse does not directly affects me or even if it helps me, to stop the abuse of the less priviledged people.

When we get something before other person, we need to ask ourselves why did we receive it. Was it because we had more merits or was it because we have more priviledges? We have to make this difference of priviledges more visible so people is aware of those differences.

But... How is all of this related with Drupal?

Free software

The answer is the Free / Libre Software.

The Free Software is the one that allows anyone to use it. Anyone with no exception. But not only limited to use it. It also allows anyone to study, modify, distribute or even sell the software.

Those four liberties of the Free Software is what allows us to fight against the big companies trying to stablish a monopoly. A monopoly that prevents people with less resources or from other countries to use their software.

Promoting the use of Free Software we help people with less priviledges to use a software that will help them reduce the weight of the priviledge difference. We allow small companies to access a high quality software that is normally only accessible for the big corporations that can afford those kind of developments from scratch. And in this way, we help those small companies or companies from country "less" developed to compete with bigger and more powerful companies.

Let's use our priviledged position to help the rest of the world to access those tools more easily. Let's give them more tools and more powerful. Let's contribute code. Let's spread the use of Free Software. Let's complain when we are forced to use a privative software when exist a free / libre alternative.


And that's the reason I use Drupal. And also the reason I use Apache, MySQL, PHP, Firefox, Linux, Vim, Elm, LibreOffice and so many more tools. That's the reason I always ask or look for a free / libre alternative before being forced to use a privative solution.

And for all of those reasons I want a more inclusive Drupal community, where there is room for any kind of person, even if they do not think like me. Because all this different people help me see the priviledges I have and this knowledge, helps me fight to soften those differences on priviledge.

And for all those reasons I want a community where there is no one who is above other member of the community. Where someone with more priviledge can impose their decissions over people with less priviledges.