Here you can find some of the presentations I did. You can download them from my github account. Feel free to use them as you wish.

This is the session I gave in the DrupalCamp Spain 2013. It's about common and less common issues while developing with Drupal and how to fix them or how to find the problem. It covers a bit of everything, from site building, to development, including a bit of performance.

As the rest of my slides, it's released as Public Domain and can be freely downloaded from my Github account:

This is a quick overview of the Drupal project, trying to see it from the business and developer perspective. It's a really basic session, that talks about what offers to the developers, what is the best that offers Drupal and what are the biggest problems.

This session was prepared for one of the Betabeers events of Valencia.

We, as developers, are always dealing with code wrote by other people. Usually, when that happens, we found ourselves trying to understand what does each piece of code and walking in circles around the code.

To avoid this problem and make the life of our development team easier, we have to put an effort in writing maintainable code. During this session, we will see some common issues, approaches to fix them, advices and examples of how we can achieve our target.

This session is intended to any experience level and to anyone who contributes code to an open source project or who works in a development team.