DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: Local users groups organization

Community summit

The aim of the discussion was to talk about how the different local groups are organized and what kind of problems do they find and document all of this so it can be used by potential group organizers.

The attendees of the discussion have different backgrounds, from their location having people from Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Brazil, Germany, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Holland, England and France, to their experience organizing groups, having people who has been involved in a group for years to people who wanted to start one.

Drupal Ladder

Today we are starting a Drupal Ladder here in Valencia. If you don't know what is it, a ladder is a way to learn something by achieving some goals or steps. The Drupal Ladder has some defined steps to start to contribute back to the project. We start from the bottom taking little steps: setting up Git, a Drupal 8 site... and little by little, we start to review issues and commit our own patchs.

I think is a great way to learn about Drupal 8 and more important, to make your local community grow meanwhile you improve to an open source project.