Transcript: "Why Drupal" Lightning talk

This post is just a translation of the transcript of the lightning talk I've done during DrupalCamp Spain 2017 in Madrid. The title of the talk was "Why Drupal" and talked about my personal reasons to use develop with Drupal. You can find the slides, with the transcript in spanish here.

Why Drupal

Creating content menus during installation

Sometimes, there is a tight line that separates content from configuration. It's really common to have pages that define a structure, but those pages are content. For example, if I want to create a blog, usually it has an "about" page, that is content, but it's also part of the structure of the page, that is usually considered configuration.

In Drupal, handling these between environments, can be quite troublesome. But there are solutions: you can create the empty nodes programmatically and add them to a menu:

I want to travel

I want to travel. I want to travel a lot. I like to meet new and different developer communities all around the world. The problem is: I have to work.

Module development on non-english sites

Lately I've been working on a project in a non-english language. We usually do sites in english or multilanguage sites with english, so I'm kind of new on this projects. From the code perspective, when working on english sites, there is no problem at all, just use function t() with english text, but on a different language, what should be our approach?

Drupal Ladder

Today we are starting a Drupal Ladder here in Valencia. If you don't know what is it, a ladder is a way to learn something by achieving some goals or steps. The Drupal Ladder has some defined steps to start to contribute back to the project. We start from the bottom taking little steps: setting up Git, a Drupal 8 site... and little by little, we start to review issues and commit our own patchs.

I think is a great way to learn about Drupal 8 and more important, to make your local community grow meanwhile you improve to an open source project.