Transcript: "Why Drupal" Lightning talk

This post is just a translation of the transcript of the lightning talk I've done during DrupalCamp Spain 2017 in Madrid. The title of the talk was "Why Drupal" and talked about my personal reasons to use develop with Drupal. You can find the slides, with the transcript in spanish here.

Why Drupal

Creating content menus during installation

Sometimes, there is a tight line that separates content from configuration. It's really common to have pages that define a structure, but those pages are content. For example, if I want to create a blog, usually it has an "about" page, that is content, but it's also part of the structure of the page, that is usually considered configuration.

In Drupal, handling these between environments, can be quite troublesome. But there are solutions: you can create the empty nodes programmatically and add them to a menu:

Using Drupal blocks without hook_block_info

I usually recommend using alternatives to the Drupal core block system, as it's not easy to export and has several limitations like not being possible to put the same block in two different regions, even if they are in different pages. But sometimes it can be useful, mostly if you render them from the code (because you will not export them and then you can place them wherever you want.

Convert your old project to an Installation profile

Before starting with this post, you should have a look at the previous post: Drupal projects architecture.

On the previous post, we have seen another way to organize our projects and to work with Drupal. But, what happens if we already have a site structured in a different way? This post will cover all the different steps we have to follow to re-structure the project into our new architecture.

DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014: Local users groups organization

Community summit

The aim of the discussion was to talk about how the different local groups are organized and what kind of problems do they find and document all of this so it can be used by potential group organizers.

The attendees of the discussion have different backgrounds, from their location having people from Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, Brazil, Germany, Scotland, Slovakia, Sweden, Holland, England and France, to their experience organizing groups, having people who has been involved in a group for years to people who wanted to start one.

Things you don't have to do on your website

While giving support about web development, it's surprising how many times you encounter with questions about how to do some stuff that I completly advise against. Most of us find this kind of things disgusting, but there is people who still does it and people who want to do it! So, please, don't do the next things on your website:

Adding background music to your site

I want to travel

I want to travel. I want to travel a lot. I like to meet new and different developer communities all around the world. The problem is: I have to work.

My Sci-Fi Collection

I recognize it, I love science fiction. A few years ago, I started around the internet, checking a lot of lists about the bests sci-fi books and I created my own list of books that I would like to buy and read. I've almost completed my little collection and I'm writing a list with all of them. At the moment, is not fully complete and only contains the books I already read, so I will keep updating it!

You can find it on a Gist I created.

MySQL useful queries

Check the size of a database:

SELECT table_schema "Database",
sum( data_length + index_length ) / 1024 / 1024 "Size in MB",
FROM information_schema.TABLES
WHERE table_schema = 'DATABASE NAME;'
GROUP BY table_schema;

Truncate multiple tables:


Then, you copy & paste the result into the mysql client.

Quick notes about Drush Make

I started to work with Drush make files quite recently and it's a shame for my that I didn't had the chance to work with it before. Make is a really powerfull tool that allows quick deployment of full drupal sites highly customized. This post isn't about how to use drush make, is just a set of quick notes of things I found while using it.

Downloading a library into any place

Module development on non-english sites

Lately I've been working on a project in a non-english language. We usually do sites in english or multilanguage sites with english, so I'm kind of new on this projects. From the code perspective, when working on english sites, there is no problem at all, just use function t() with english text, but on a different language, what should be our approach?

Global Game Jam

A few weeks ago I atended the local event of the Global Game Jam. This event proposes a challenge: do a game in 48 hours, based on one topic. The topic of this year was the heart and the sound of it. At the begining of the event, they organize teams to work and each team decides what kind of game they want to do.

Drupal Ladder

Today we are starting a Drupal Ladder here in Valencia. If you don't know what is it, a ladder is a way to learn something by achieving some goals or steps. The Drupal Ladder has some defined steps to start to contribute back to the project. We start from the bottom taking little steps: setting up Git, a Drupal 8 site... and little by little, we start to review issues and commit our own patchs.

I think is a great way to learn about Drupal 8 and more important, to make your local community grow meanwhile you improve to an open source project.

New section

Just a quick update, I've added a new section to the website, where you can find the slides of the presentations I did. At the moment, there is only one, but soon I will upload a new one. All my slides are available on my github account, so, feel free to download, edit or use them as you want.

Drupal Camp Spain 2012

The last weekend I attended the third Drupal Camp Spain in Madrid and my second Drupal Camp. Every time I attend an event of this kind, I like more and more the spirit after the open source community. Open Source is not only about sharing the source, is about a philosophy. We not only share the code, we also share our knowledge. In this kind of events, the speakers usually go without getting paid, they do it because they want to share something. And I think this is a remarkable attitude.

A new project

I'm always trying to learn something new and to keep my knowlements as updated as possible. In my little spare time, I use to start little projects that I use to learn or try something new. A couple years ago, I started a project with my friend Edu and we did a website to learn about the web framework Code Igniter. The site is still online: Remaildme and I had a lot of fun writting it.

Other way to develop with Drupal

I'm not the author of this blog post. The original author is Carles Climent, a good mate and better person. This is a translation of his original post. Please, let me know if you find any error on my translation.

About why I feel a strange

Just the first blog post

Is hard to write the first blog post. As a developer, I've been tempted to write the classic hello world entry. As a geek I wanted to start with "A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...".

Then, I realized that this is just the first blog post and the real content will come after this blog post. So, let's write a couple lines and let's the fun begin!